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Starlight Memories
from Jim O'Malley

Jim O'Malley sent a couple of photos to Your Faithful Scribe and we have reproduced them below, together with Jim's own descriptions.


"This was taken at the Saturday all night dress rehearsal for Babes in Toyland. We're all dressed as school boys and girls from long ago. The three girls from the left are: Patty Richards, Ginger Ebert (doing the backbend), and Jane Waller. The girls were all members of the Corps de Ballet. The fellow on the stool playing the "Dunce" is Al Colones, also a member of the Ballet Corps and that's me to the right. The dress rehearsals began after the Saturday evening performance and would last until 5am or so. We'd report back to the theatre at 2pm Sunday for a full orchestra rehearsal and then do the closing evening performance of that week's show. It was a grueling schedule, but when you're having fun, so what? Hope you enjoy these pictures."

Photos courtesy of Jim O'Malley

"This was taken backstage after a performance of Bittersweet. I'm in the back left, Chester O'Bannon from Sedalia, MO is in the back center, and Wilfred Kaiser from Marshall, MO is at the lower right. Chet's fan club from Sedalia came backstage to see him."